Who we are

Starting from a multi-boutique concept idealized by our founding partners and thereafter consolidated with the entry of partners coming from renowned Brazilian law firms, we count with a multidisciplinary team able to assist in a structured manner national and international clients in day-to-day as well as in complex legal issues.

Multi-boutique Concept, Pro-Business.

We are guided by the values of excellence and ethics and have a strict approach in relation to compliance matters. We are pro-business and act with responsibility, expertise and assertiveness, with a focus on the solution of legal issues.

Structured as a multi-boutique firm, our different teams benefit from the constant exchange of experience and ideas. Our multi-disciplinarity allow us to have a broad and comprehensive vision of the activities and needs of our clients with respect to their different sources of concern and their interaction with business partners and authorities, thus allowing us to provide straightforward legal advice.

The solid academic background and experience of our team members allow us to deliver not only technical solutions, but also to suggest creative and innovative business alternatives.

Many of our professionals teach in major national and international centers of Law study yet they keep an entrepreneurial profile and a hands-on legal assistance approach. This is a differential that elevates us to a privileged position in the debate of current themes and in the attraction of new talents in the legal area.

We value efficiency

We believe in efficiency and simplicity, without putting creativity and sophistication aside, when it comes to finding solutions for the specific demands of each business.

We work collaboratively with our clients, to assist them in reaching their goals and always seek the best legal alternatives and anticipate potential risks.

We have a wide presence.

Our firm has branches in both Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and also provides judicial and extrajudicial assistance in the main Brazilian cities.

We have an international presence with partners based in Lisbon duly licensed by the Portuguese Bar Association, as well as business partners in several countries.

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